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Read also our Pyrenean charter of equestrian ecotourism in altitude

2002 : International Year of Mountains

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Under the Sun of Southwestern Europe :

Hereunder we are very pleased to make a presentation of an european association, working with horses throughout the pyrenean mountains, in France, Spain and Andorra.

The Office of the Transpyrenean Equestrian Guides gathers, since 1998, a dozen of equestrian guides specialized in equestrian excursions and ecoturism on all the chain of the Pyrenees in France, Spain, and Andorra. 

The Pyrenees without borders with horses

The Pyrenees, 400 x 150 kms, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, wide open and protected spaces in Western Europe, offer immense wild territories, criss-crossed by over 3000 kms of horse suited trails, adapted to horse trekkings. The fauna and the flora, below astonishing peaks, are the richest of France, orchises, lilies, bear, isards, ibexes, raptors, etc.. On these lands of tradition our excursions are an opportunity to meet shepherds and farmers, to visit major historic sites (Cathares, Romance legacy,..), and to taste the famous French gastronomy of the Western South. All the equestrian guides follow training courses regularly in order to improve with the modern techniques of the equestrian excursion (GPS, for example) so to increase the safety of the excursions in altitude, as well as training courses of knowledge of the natural environment. Located in the extreme South of France, the Pyrenees have a privileged climate. The crossing of the transborder collars (with a top at least of 2000 m) is possible only between June and October. Horse outings last for 2 days or several days.

Who are these excursions for ?

The neophytes of horse trekkings can take part provided that they practice another sport regularly and follow some lessons as a preliminary training in a club of their area. A good physical form and a minimum of preparation are largely enough. As far as possible, we endeavour to create homogeneous groups, always of less than ten people. 

Unfolding of an excursion 

Under the responsibility of the guide, the rhythm adopted in an excursion is progressive: the goal is in no case to cover the maximum of kilometers in a minimum of time. This progression of the effort, necessary to the horse also, allied with the use of an adapted and comfortable saddle make possible to reduce notably the aches of the first days. In the evening, the well deserved stages, are the occasion to rest (several formulas of lodging are proposed: staying with locals, mountain refuges or huts, hotels, “gites d’étapes”, bivouac.) to set out again in full form the following day. 

Our horses

All our horses (approximately 150) are of a surprising facilitated handling. The majority, resulting from local races (Castillonnais, Mérens) have enjoyed since their birth, in our farms, particular conditions of breeding intended to give them a great ease on difficult grounds, thus a friendly and privileged relationship with their riders. Their taming (or breeding), carried out by our care, guarantees even to the untrained riders a great facility of use and a great safety throughout the trips. 

And now, saddle up, and away from it all. Succomb to the timeless charm of horse trekkings in Pyrenees without borders.

Please feel free to contact us if you require further informations about ours activities and our  projects.

Together, let us build your holidays as you dream them.



Foundation Date - October 1998.

Ecological tourism with horses. 
Read our altitude equestrian ecotourism charter

Ecotourism. Ecological training and education.

Ecologically respectful of environment while using horses within protected natural territories.

Actions against human desertification in mountainous areas.

Boundary free horse trails throughout the Pyrenean mountains.

The development of local economy with the breeding of horses.

Training in equestrian skills in view of an ecological development.


Statutes of the Office of Transpyrenean Equestrian Guides (B.G.E.T.)

BGET offers :

- To create and further develop a network of equestrian trails throughout the whole of the pyrenean range.

-To gather the guides,the guides of equestrian tourism,the companies of equestrian tourism,having all the required authorizations to exercice and carry their activities within the pyrenean range.

-To represent the professional B.G.E.T adherents with the various institutional and economic partners.

- To maintain and develop the level of qualification of its members, users of the network and B.G.E.T staff.

- To create, reabilitate, maintain,make safe and mark out if needed,equestrian trails, trans-slopes and trans-nationa areas in the pyrenean range.

- To maintain,  protect, repare inheritance of the sites used, and to rouse the interest of all users and actors to the ecological side of the concerned area.

- Generally ,to promote, develop and coordinate the activities within the network and to promote the image of the Office of Transpyrenean Equestrian Guides by all means as defined by the board of directors.

- To frame the users to the purpose of security and respect of the environment.

- To develop the relevant (related) activities: bearing, lodding, muletage, tethering, intendance with all species of horses thus fighting against the agriltural depreciation.

- To export such experience and to cause similar developments in other territories, using the equestrian vector.

- To make all studies in its field of competence,in particular about the ecotourism, the setting-up and the economic development mediums.


Trans-Pyrenean Horse Trails  in 2000

Read also our altitude equestrian ecotourism charter

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