Pyrenean Charter for Altitude Equestrian Ecotourism

Toutes les Pyrénées à Cheval Sans Frontières

Pyrénées Sans Frontières


The equestrian guides (French, Spanish, Andorean) which adhere to the :

Office of Transpyrenean Equestrian Guides

and, in complete coherence with the statutes of the B.G.E.T. Association, 

commit themselves to :


- Develop a network of equestrian excursions in altitude called "Pyrenees without frontiers" throughout the entire pyrenean massif and with the help of horses produced and raised in the Pyrenees,

- To use a healthy stable, in good state, raised and adjusted to journeys in mountaneous areas,

- To offer an equipment ,in good condition,comfortable for the rider and the horse as well,and in accordance with security requirements,

- To develop soft tourism based on the promotion of tourism for discovery which valorises the local territories, respects the environment, relies on the local population and means (especially regarding lodging), favorises the development of traditional activities (crafts,processing of farm products,etc...)and brings about an additional income to the local population,

Tranquilles estives

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Randonnée d'hiver : Cascade

Pyrénées Sans Frontières

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